George & Susie

George & Susie

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Susie is in her 11th year as a ballroom dancer.   She has won multiple awards in Special Olympics ballroom dancing.  She loves spending time with “ALL” her peoples, she is a little social butterfly.  Susie loves bowling with friends and all her time with Doug and Easterseals Arc’s recreation activities!!


George Kiproff is a Fort Wayne native who has built his career over the last 10 years at Ruoff Mortgage Company, where he currently serves as the Chief Analytics Officer. In this role, he and his team build innovative BI solutions to promote data-driven decisions within the Organization. In 2015, George graduated with honors from IPFW, obtaining his Masters of Business Administration. In addition to his professional career, George also volunteers with Big Brother Big Sister, reading to elementary school classes throughout the city. Outside of work and volunteering, George is a dedicated family man. George and his wife Kristen have been best friends for over 12 years and they have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter named Emerson. George and his family love backpacking and exploring new National Parks during their vacations. George also loves golfing whenever he can find the time.