Privacy Policy

I. Purpose

This policy governs the privacy of all donors and protection of information, personal and/or gift amount(s) to the extent that the donor has stated verbally or in writing. Same shall be documented in donor’s file.

II. Policy

No donor or prospective donor information will be released to anyone without the approval of Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana in agreement with the specific donor’s wishes.

In all solicitations, the donor shall be given the option of not sharing name and address outside Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana.

All gift/donor documentation not being maintained for a specific purpose will be disposed of by shredding.

All hard copy files containing confidential donor and prospective donor information shall be kept in the office and secured. Computer files containing confidential donor and prospective donor information are to be kept in a password-restricted environment by the Donor Relations Specialist.

Confidential donor and prospective donor information should not be transmitted by e-mail, fax or modem. Cellular and cordless telephones are considered insecure and should not be used to discuss confidential information.

Mailing lists of Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana shall not be shared with any other persons or organizations.

When an employee who has access to confidential donor and prospective donor information leaves the organization, the employee should be asked in an exit interview to sign a written memorandum acknowledging that confidential information was made available to them or collected by them while employed by Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana and that the information is to remain with the organization.